Ayaya Website

A four language website for one of my favourite clients.

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Ayaya Website

Working with friend and designer Ryan Mesheau we updated Ayaya's website with a new look and functionality. Ayaya is a Canadian Communications team that specializes in the Northern parts of this great nation.

This was a big project! Even a four page brochure site becomes a big project when you have four languages.

I set this up in ExpressionEngine of course. A few plugins were used to make the translations happen.

Because Ayaya is a Communications firm, we got to use amazing imagery from their projects, while creating their portfolio section.

Another fun challenge was usign the Pigiarniq font. This is a symbol typeface. It is beautiful. While working on the project I learned a couple of words visually and could spot them throughout the text.

  • It has four languages,
  • is responsive and
  • did I mention it has four languages?

This site was a great challenge.


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